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What is your ticket refund policy?

All tickets are non-refundable.

What time can I get onto the site?

The site officially opens at 12.00 noon Thursday 28th June 2018, no access can be given until then as our security team will commence duty at that time. NO EXCEPTIONS. Valid ID will be required and you can be fast tracked if you also print out your ticket and bring it. For those on 2 day tickets you can arrive from 12 noon on Friday 29th June 2018.

Can I access an electric hook up for my camper van?

No, the site we have chosen has no mains electricity. As a result we have removed the additional charge for camper vans. Generators can be run until midnight if required.

Can I bring my own alcohol/drinks?

Yes, we only ask that it is NOT consumed inside the marked arena area, only drinks purchased in the festival bars can be consumed in the arena. We serve all drinks in plastic glasses so that the arena area is safe for everyone to walk barefoot etc.

Can I bring my own food and have barbeques?

Yes, there are a large number of areas where you can use BBQ’s and indeed at last year's event it was a big social element and lots of friendships were made over an impromptu BBQ. All BBQ’s MUST be off the ground as the farmer will charge for any burn marks. We will also have a number of food suppliers on site at very good prices if you simply cant be bothered to cook your own food or fancy something different.

Can I park near my tent?

No, we had a lot of issues in 2014 with obstructions from vehicles. You may unload your vehicle and then immediately take your car to the designated parking areas. Marshals and security have strict instructions to ensure ALL vehicles are allowed a brief time to drop off camping kit etc. however, the car park is only 50-100 yards away.

Are there local shops for vital supplies?

“Yes, there is a local shop 10 minutes walk away, we ask you stock up BEFORE entering the site so we can prevent multiple re-entry as this poses a security risk.

Will the site be secure?

“Yes, we have employed a much bigger security team and they will ensure all perimeters are secure. ALL guests must wear their wristbands at all times. Anybody found on site without the appropriate colour wristband will be IMMEDIATELY removed from site until their identity can be checked to ensure privacy for all guests. In 2018 we are also requiring all customers to have photo ID with them. We will also be conducting bag checks at the main arena area.

How can I identify people's preferences?

At the hospitality tent you can pick up plastic coloured wristbands that indicate preference. We thank those guests who suggested this idea.

I am a member of the LGBT community, can I attend as my friends are attending?

Yes definitely, in 2016 we had a substantial attendance from the LGBT groups.

Can I give my ticket to someone else?

NO! Tickets are Non-Transferable. ID will be checked.

Is there a dress code?

YES! Although the dress code will be very relaxed we will expect bottom halves at least to be covered whilst in the festival arena.

Are dogs allowed?

No, there is a no dogs policy as the festival site is part of a working farm.

How will I know what is going on during the weekend?

Each guest will receive a festival guide on arrival to include entertainment programme, useful information etc. Further detailed information is available at the hospitality tent.

What if the weather is bad?

The one thing we can't control is the weather but we can plan for it! This year's festival has a lot more indoor space, play areas, cafe area, etc. We also have a huge site so can adapt where cars are located in case of mud. Hopefully we will enjoy some decent weather but the festival will be a success whatever the conditions.

Do I need to bring ID?

Yes, we carry out random checks of ID during the weekend to ensure tickets being presented are by those who booked to ensure the protection of our guests.

What are the accommodation options?

“Your ticket INCLUDES the cost of bringing a tent or a camper/caravan. This year we will also offer alternative camping options to include the successful bell tents.

Can I use my phone?

To prevent any invasion of privacy we ask that NO PHONES are used in the festival area whatsoever. You may use phones in the privacy of your own tents ONLY. Any phones seen being used other than in the car parking area will be confiscated until you leave. This is a policy we have had to bring in following misuse in 2015.

What toilet & shower facilities are on site?

Swingfields is proud to deliver the quality units that go beyond a traditional festival. Luxurious units are on site for guests and we will ensure these are cleaned and serviced. Please use the facilities sensibly so other guests can enjoy them too.

As a single gentleman can I book to attend the Festival?

Yes, we welcome single gentlemen, and put a limit of 10% of the total guests, so tickets sell quickly. However, we do request that before booking you email us to provide your profile name on lifestyle sites so we can cross check your profile pictures and verifications. This is to ensure you are not a member of the press, and have been suitable verified by at least 4 different people. It is important to ensure the security of our female guests and to make sure our Gentlemen guests understand the basis of the lifestyle as being respectful and polite. Failure to follow this process will render your ticket invalid until these requirements are met, and tickets once purchased are non refundable. All information provided is confidential.

Can I wash my plates and empty my chemical toilet on site?

You can wash plates etc. at the standpipes, this time we will provide big plastic buckets. Please note the water will be cold and you should bring T-towels and washing up liquid. DO NOT dispose of chemical toilets as this site has livestock throughout the year, also DO NOT tip down the toilets as this rapidly overfills the tanks and the toilets will need to be closed. Anybody using the toilets or showers for washing up OR disposal of camping toilet waste will be immediately asked to leave the site.