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The comments below represent some of the fantastic feedback that we have received from our customers. Book your TICKETS now and see what all the buzz is about.

“Our first swingfields festival and can honestly say it's one of our best weekends ever away together.”

"Met some really great people and loved the atmosphere. The facilities were great - far better than your average festival. And food and drink was much more reasonably priced too.”

"We attended swingfields 2016 last weekend for the whole event from Thursday to Sunday, this event is an absolute MUST DO on any swingers calendar, there's always lots of naughty fun to be had either in the camping area or in the main arena and at whatever pace suits the individual or couple. Well done to all those involved for making this event possible and all their hard work that must have gone into it all.”

"I do like the live bands and the dance team were outstanding this year. Great demos too for the Burlesque etc. Of course I will be back next year, if I only get to do one event a year it will always be this one.”

"This was my first year at Swingfields and I loved it. What a great crowd of people and hats off to the organisers, good entertainment, good food and drink, a well thought out festival. I'm definatly coming back next year.”

“This was undoubtedly an absolute highlight to our swinging year and our first visit to Swingfields festival. We met the organisers over here in Portugal earlier in the year and their obvious enthusiasm and passion for this brilliantly organised event shone through from the very first meeting. We felt compelled to fly over and see for ourselves... Wow, so blown away by everything there, from the site itself to the way everything was set out, the amazingly friendly staff and other festy goers all made this a fabulous event. The timetable of daily events ensured everyone was giggling, smiling, and having great fun at all times. Musically we were spoilt particularly with the first two bands who rocked the house.”

"Wow Swingfields was the most amazing weekend we have had by far, a very well planned and professionally run festival of naughtiness, others can learn a lot from these guys, luxury showers and loos you'd never call this camping it's glamping with all the sexy extras thrown in, loads of entertainment all weekend. Will definitely be there next year guys."

"This was our first and definitely not our last visit to the adult disneyland that was swingfields. Met lots of lovely people even after the event people we didn't meet there are contacting us to say hi. It was just a liberating experience that has to be experienced by every liberated swinger and lifestyler in Europe."